Famous People of Lincolnshire

Famous People of LincolnshireThat is an impressive and extremely long record of famous people -historic, literature, science, entertainment, journalism and sport – who resided or were born in the county.

Alfred Lord Tennyson, the Poet Laureate was born 6 miles in the Wolds village. Based on local legend, Tennyson appeared to have rather a dislike for the town, and he explained: “Of all terrors, a small country town appears to me to function as the best.” James Fenton, journalist, poet and literary critic, was created in Lincoln.

George Boole who had been the innovator of binary notation and the eponymous Boolean algebra came to be in 1815 in Lincoln.

The performer Eric Thompson, who was possibly best known for being narrator of the kids’ 1960s TV series “The Magic Roundabout”, was created in Sleaford in 1929. Eric was award winning actress Emma Thompson’s daddy. Bernie Taupin, Elton John’s songwriter, came to be to Horncastle at Anwick on the street. Among the finest performers in the UK’s, John Hurt, went to Lincoln School. Jonathan Kerrigan, Heartbeat recognition of ITV play,, is from Lincoln is stand-up comic, Jason Bradbury and TV presenter.

Sir John Franklin, the sea captain, after and explorer, governor was created in Spilsby, while George Bass who helped to map Australia’s coast in 1797, came to be at Aswarby. The well-known explorer, Cecil Rhodes and entrepreneur spent part in Sleaford, in The Manor House.

Girls as well as sportsmen include footballers Joe Baker, Lee Chapman (Lincoln), Mark Wallington and Gary Crosby (Sleaford). Tennis star international cricket umpire Darrell Hair, Daniel Cox, equestrian and writer Olympic Swimming Medalist Paul Palmer and Marion Rose Halpenny all hail.

The list is certainly not exhaustive of famous people!